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Exploring varying definitions of success

8 Google Employees Define What Success Means To Them

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I think it’s pretty easy to lose sight of what success means to you when new jobs, promotions and social reinforcement all start with what other people think. So here’s a friendly reminder:

Success Is Personal

I asked a handful of high-achieving Google employees what success meant to them. Here’s what they shared:

#1 The Good Samaritan

“Success is leaving something in a better place than you found it. Whether that be a company you work for, or a person you have a relationship with.”


#2 The One Who Got This

“Success means being able to wake up in the morning, be happy, and look forward to your day, despite what you have planned (or not planned), who you know you're going to meet, if you have lots or little work to do, or even if the weather is looking bad.”


#3 The Give-It-Your-All-er

“Doing the best I can with the skills and ability I have”


#4 The Hopeless Romantic

“A life filled with love and happiness. Cliché, I know.”


#5 The Works-Hard-Plays-Hard-er

“That feeling where you have earned something all by yourself, be it a holiday, a home etc.”


#6 The Bold One

“Success is having the freedom and the courage to do what you love and what you are passionate about”


#7 The Life-Is-A-Holiday-er

“Success for me is life feeling like a holiday.”


#8 The Words-Can’t-Begin-To-Describe-er

Yep. That was the quote.

Bear in mind your idea of success can change. No, this doesn’t mean you failed, it means you’re getting better at setting your own goal. As one Googler nicely summarised:

“I thought success was about how other people felt about what you did, but now I think it's about finding what tunes best with your identity and lifestyle.”

And on that note...


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