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Why an apprenticeship was right for me

Breaking the negative stigma of apprenticeships

Digital Marketing Apprentice at Prospectus

The future is one of the few things that we consider intangible and yet we spend our entire lives trying to grab hold of it. Each decision we make daily can lead us down one of a thousand tangents - so the question arises of why are so many paths closed by the preference of the mainstream education system?

Leaving the safety net of school and taking a leap into the world of unknown is nerve racking, especially when you are leaving and going against the preferred route of university. Throughout my school years, the idealised image of going to university was drilled into each pupil every single day. I remember sitting in endless sessions informing us about the university route, yet there was not a single mention about apprenticeships - was this because schools want a good leaver reputation or is it because there is still a negative stigma of the word ‘apprentice’?

I know that some people reading this may think this sounds like an advertisement but from the bottom of my heart I truly believe that finding an apprenticeship with WhiteHat has been the best decision I have ever made so far in my education journey. The benefits of taking on an apprenticeship are huge…

  • Many people often choose to go to university for the social side, however what many people do not realise is that you can also have this social life whilst doing an apprenticeship! For example, the apprenticeship provider I am with creates social events where people of a similar age and position can meet and socialise!
  • When people think of an apprenticeship they think of the poor wage… this is untrue. Not all apprenticeships consist of a low pay. Since starting my apprenticeship, the wage has allowed me to achieve so much, such as owning my own car, living more independently and even paying for my first holiday!
  • Real life work experience is also a great aspect of an apprenticeship. By the end of your journey, you will not only receive brilliant qualifications but also a whole range of experience. This workplace training has not just helped me develop as a person and in my profession but it is also brilliant to have on your CV if you wish to look for other jobs in the future.

There are so many other great reasons to starting an apprenticeship but I will stop here otherwise this might turn into a novel! In summary, apprenticeships are not as bad as people say and the negative stigmas surrounding them needs to stop now. If you are debating whether you should attend a university or to start an apprenticeship please weigh up both options and do not just go down the ‘preferred’ route due to the pressures of the educational system.

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