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Interview with Chloe Irving

WhiteHat Success Story: Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Warner Music


There are tons of decisions involved when you’re trying to work out what to do after leaving school, and you might not always pick the right one for you the first time! One of our digital marketing apprentices, Chloe Irving, knows this decision-making process well, and knows how long it can end up feeling - she sat down with me to share her journey, and how she ended up finding her dream job on a digital marketing apprenticeship at Warner Music.

What made you apply for a digital marketing apprenticeship role?

I was a few months into my first year at university when I first heard about WhiteHat. I had enrolled at university thinking it was the only way into the career I dreamed of in the music industry. At an event, I bumped into Kelly from Warner Music who I had previously known from doing work experience there when I was 16. Whilst feeling that university wasn’t for me, I talked to her about whether there were any other options that I had not previously known of. She mentioned to me that Warner runs an apprenticeship programme along with WhiteHat. The opportunity of this was exciting to me, that I could be getting a useful qualification whilst working in a company of my dreams (and getting paid to do so!)

From this point, I left university and researched digital marketing apprenticeships further. The program looked really thorough, learning all kinds of skills from coding to social media optimisation – useful parts of the business that probably wouldn’t have been even covered in a degree. I applied to WhiteHat knowing that I was going to get everything I needed to kick start my career in the music industry and gain some vital experience and connections that would aid my journey.

What was the application process with WhiteHat?

With it being such a great program and opportunity, I knew the application process was going to be quite intense. There were many stages to my application and although it was very competitive throughout, WhiteHat gave me great support and were at the end of the phone if I ever needed some advice or a bit of help with the stages. 

After applying online, my process started with a phone call with WhiteHat, where they asked me about my interests and motivations for applying for a digital marketing apprenticeship. They then invited me to attend a kick off day, which is either at their offices or online on a Google Hangout, and is a chance to meet the WhiteHat team so they can match you with the best job opportunities for you. There I finished and polished off my application to start sending out to companies (this consisted of a video, my achievements and some other CV like sections).

At my kick off day, WhiteHat let me know which companies were offering apprenticeships and one of those was Warner Music. Of course, with the dream of working in the music industry, I sent my application to Warner with a lot of hope. I then got an email a few weeks later letting me know that I had gotten to the next stage of the Warner interview process. For this round, I had to answer a few questions that were all music related and Warner specific. I found this useful as it helped me do my own research on Warner and got me excited about the prospects of working there. Once through the questions round, I was invited to attend an interview at the Warner Offices in Kensington. This was the last part of my application process with WhiteHat as I was successful. Woop!

How did your interview go and how did WhiteHat support you?

Prior to the interview, we were given a brief of two artists to look into further as one of these would be involved in our group activity on the day. The day before my interview, WhiteHat organised a Google call which was so useful. They helped us prepare our answers and we could ask any questions that we had. It definitely relaxed me for the big day. 

There were 7 other fantastic candidates on my interview, I was adamant that I didn’t have a chance! The morning started with a run through of life at Warner (wow!) and then we were put into two teams to do the group activity, then presenting our ideas to my now line managers and Kelly from Warner HR. After that we were each brought in for a one to one interview – our real chance to shine! Then it was a case of keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a good week until I got the very exciting call from WhiteHat – I had been selected to be Warner Music’s new apprentice! What a day that was!

How is your apprenticeship going so far?

I am having the most amazing time on my apprenticeship at Warner. The assignments and workshops I do as part of my level 3 digital marketing qualification are extremely useful to what I’m doing at work so it’s great to be able to put what I’m learning into action. I have also had some very exciting moments at Warner in the 3 months since I started! I went down to Abbey Road to see Rod Stewart film with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, I ran an interview session with Beverley Knight and I get to work on the socials and campaigns for some huge artists such as Joy Division, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and Kylie Minogue. I’ve even bumped into Stormzy, Ella Henderson and Rita Ora in the lift! 

I’ve just joined the WhiteHat Hacktivist (ambassador) scheme too which is opening so many more doors for me and allowing me to share my experiences with other people who don’t know how amazing the apprenticeship route is. I’m very thankful to Warner and WhiteHat for giving me this opportunity. To be 19 and working at such a huge company, making connections with the best in the business and being supported by all at Warner and WhiteHat (especially my personal coach), has really put me in a great position to have the career of my dreams in the music industry in the future.

Chloe watching Rod Stewart film with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road

Do you have any advice for people who have left school and might not know what next steps to take?

I think it’s important to do a lot of research into what you want to do and even if you’re not quite sure yet, looking into things you enjoy should definitely spark a few ideas. Also, anything is possible if you put in a lot of hard work so don’t be scared to dream impossible things!

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