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It's Not All About Uni this Results Day

Finding an apprenticeship on A Level Results Day

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A Level Results Day is an emotional day. You’ve worked hard for 2 years and whether you’ve achieved the results you wanted or not, there’s now big decisions to make

Whether you’ve always wanted to do an apprenticeship but haven’t secured anything yet or you were thinking about going to university but aren’t too sure, WhiteHat would love to hear from you!

What apprenticeships do WhiteHat offer?

Business administration which covers a wide variety of roles across different business functions including finance, HR, sales, recruitment and operations. This is in addition to accounting, digital marketing, data analytics and software engineering. We have over 50 vacancies available at the moment with exciting companies across London.

How much will I earn and do I have to pay anything?

You will usually earn between £14,000-£24,000 and your qualification is also paid for. 

What are the entry requirements?

Minimum 5 GCSEs including English and Maths at a 4 or above. Some apprenticeships require A Levels/BTECs but not all. Work experience and/or volunteering is just as important to us as grades. You can find the full entry requirements on each job description.

How do I apply?

Have a look at our full list of vacancies and click apply. You’ll then create a profile on our website. Don’t worry too much about exactly which vacancy you choose as we’ll also put you forward for interviews with other companies where we feel you’ll be a good fit. 

What happens next?

Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll receive a telephone interview from our Talent Team within 3 working days so make sure you’ve had a good read of the website, think about why you want to do an apprenticeship and how your skills make you the ideal candidate. Do some research on your chosen qualification and role so you stand out from the crowd and have the best chance of being put forward for the best jobs. If this goes well, we’ll invite you in for a Kick Off Day and start matching you to employers. 

WhiteHat don’t offer the apprenticeship I’m looking for, where else can I look? 

You can find a full list of apprenticeships currently hiring on the National Apprenticeship Service Website

Good luck and we hope to see your profile soon!

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