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How do you Transition to a New Role?

Finishing an Apprenticeship: What Happens Next?

Assistant Project Manager

If you have ever worried about what to do after your apprenticeship, then you’re in great company. There is a huge amount of coverage on how to get apprenticeships, but not so much about what you do once your contract has finished. In January this year, I was told that my contract would not be renewed despite my best efforts to gain a permanent role. But one quote that’s resonated greatly with me after this is, “Strive for progress not perfection”. As an ambitious young person, I’m sure you have future goals that you’re striving to achieve. Whether you get the offer of permanent employment or not, I’d like to walk you through my top tips for what to do next!

Remain Positive and Make Goals

No matter what your circumstances, positivity is key! I’m sure you’ve all heard the analogy “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and it certainly relates here. As ambitious young people, you must maintain momentum and keep building towards what you want to achieve. If you think you’ve achieved your goals? Then you have the opportunity to set new ones. If you remain positive, every situation is made easier and you can certainly put yourself on the road to success.

Changing Job? No Problem!

If you’re anything like me, then your natural reaction to being let go is to be disappointed. But stop there. Have you thought about the vast quantity of opportunities that now lie in your path? If you’ve completed a Level 3 apprenticeship, then why not look for a degree level apprenticeship? Your experience and education now give you a significant competitive advantage over those looking for the same role. Or what about looking for your first permanent role?

There are so many options that sometimes you can become confused! But fear not, I’ve included some great websites that will help you make your choice.

  • Whitehat. An industry leader in finding you an apprenticeship! Offering you a great platform to create your own success with some of the biggest companies the country has to offer such as Google, Publicist, etc.
  • NotGoingToUni. This is a great platform to find new apprenticeships that might not necessarily be on your radar. This also enables you to get great advice

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Have you ever thought about a gap year? I hadn’t until very recently, as my desire to travel had purely come from watching videos and seeing photos online. But this is a perfect way to figure out exactly what you want to do in life! A gap year does not necessarily mean travelling abroad, but if you feel like writing a book? Now’s the time! If you feel like pursuing a hobby? Now’s the time!

Gap Years are viewed very differently to how they were 5-10 years ago, as it is believed that you return reinvigorated to pursue your life goals. Over the past 12-18 months, I am sure that you’ve experienced some good and bad times but this time will help put your mind at ease and help you discover what you would really like to do once you return to full-time work. Here are some ideas that I’ve found:

So what's my story?

As you may have gathered, this is definitely something that I have experienced before and i’m sure there are so many other apprentices that have gone through the same thing! In January 2019, I was told that I would no longer have a job, which both terrified me and excited me. At first, I felt like it was personal and that the company just did not recognise how much I wanted to stay there. But a matter of days later, in the midst of rummaging through online job finders, I received an offer. This was not just any offer, but one from a company which I had been working closely with over the duration of my apprenticeship. They explained that they were delighted by my development over the past year, and that I would make a brilliant new addition to their team. Not only did they offer me a better job title, but the chance of going to university to continue my learning (without any debt!).

No matter what your circumstances may be, you are the person in the driving seat of your future and only you can make a meaningful change. So my last piece of advice is to just go for it.

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