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A little personality can go a long way

How to Stand Out in a Job Application

Hacking tips

It can be pretty intimidating applying for a job that you really want, especially if you're just starting out in your career and don't feel like you have much experience under your belt to talk about. This video by John is a really good example of how a little creativity can go a long way. You have more to talk about than you think! All of your interests, hobbies, Saturday jobs or school projects have developed you in important ways. Why not try to find an engaging way to present them? That way you can showcase some of the skills that the job requires simply through your application.

You might think you've got no idea how to put together a video like this, but there's actually lots of very easy-to-use editing software out there: try iMovie if you're an Apple user, or Filmora if you're using Windows.

Even if the application process doesn't involve video, this is also a great example of how sharing a bit of your personality with an employer can be really effective. You don't want to be like everyone else, so be yourself when talking about what interests you and why you'd be a good candidate - employers want to come out of an interview process knowing what working with you is going to be like, so there's no point putting on a front that you wouldn't be able to keep up during the job.

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