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Being a woman in tech

Isabelle's Story: My experiences as a Data Analytics Apprentice

Data Analysis Apprentice

Tell us about how you became a Data Analyst?

After considering different positions within the tech industry I found my current skills and interests lay best with a role in Data Analytics, which I have always been eager to enter. Upon further research I found there was alternative routes to enter this specific Tech field, contrary to the usual university route. This is when I learnt of degree apprenticeships, which comprised of a debt-free degree and a paying full-time job.

What are you enjoying most about your Data Analyst Apprenticeship?

The Data Analytics field is broad, ranging from Statistics to Machine Learning. Not only am I earning a degree in one of the biggest growing industries, I will have 3 years’ experience in a highly regarded company which I believe to be invaluable. To think alternatively it would take me 3 years to just gain the degree with no industry experience reassures me I have made the best possible decision to take up a degree apprenticeship.

What are you enjoying most about your role?

The role has allowed me to use my statistical and logical skills in the work place to the test, challenge and stretch myself.On the job training also allows me to constantly update my toolbox of skills. Opportunities like this create great ways to expand your learning and interests further in ways that will help you progress within your role. At work I do not feel like an apprentice I feel like a valued team member, who contributes meaningful work towards projects, team and company-wide goals.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Luckily so far in this role I haven’t faced too many harsh challenges, in combination with my team my work environment is very welcoming and open, this helps me stayed focused and on task. But this is not to say I will not face any challenges in the future, as I am always up for it.

How is the qualification helping you to be successful in your role?

Studying for my degree in data analytics at Ada allows me to fully investigate and learn further all the knowledge and techniques needed to confidently complete tasks or projects at work.

Tell us a few more details about how you became interested in Data?

My interest in Data stemmed from my interest in Maths! This began with primary Mathematics, just after learning addition and subtraction I was introduced to a new way to influence numbers; division and multiplication. It wasn't enough for me to just accept that numbers could just be manipulated, I wanted to learn more. Throughout my years in education I have enjoyed linking my other subjects back to Mathematics and learning how it is the backbone of today's industries and complex sciences. I have found that my true fascination lies in Statistical Mathematics and Data Analytics, the way that data can be analysed and interpreted to solve problems, predict an outcome or solution truly intrigues me.

What are the most important skills to succeed in a career in Data?

Passion to learn. Data Analytics and the Tech field in general are constantly growing and changing industries, the applicable knowledge you know today could be irrelevant in a year, so do not feel put off if you don’t tick all the boxes. Another valuable skill is logical thinking, this will help you tackle anything from small tasks to big projects. The way in which you tackle the task can have large effects on your result, it is important to think logically from the start to increase the efficiency and promote accuracy in everything task you undertake.

What advice would you give someone else considering going down this path?

Keep yourself updated on the latest skills and knowledge available in the field, so you are always ready to enter the industry and get involved at any time.

Any tips on how to work out if Data Analytics is for you?

If you enjoy solving problems and want to be part of the biggest growing industry which continually pushes the limits of possibility, Data Analytics is for you. I say this because there are so many branches you can take within this field. Whether it’s the Mathematics and Statistics, Machine Learning, Programming, Databases, Data Visualization or even soft skills that initially grabbed your attention to Data Analysis, you can tailor your role within Data to any or a combination of these skills.

How does working in Data make you feel empowered?

Being part of this industry as a young woman is a great feeling, it is rapidly expanding and reaching all areas of day today life. It is greatly exciting to now think of myself as a fellow ambassador for women in tech. I think data is a vital part of the 21st century and plays a pivotal role in accessing and providing new and varying types of information, which makes it important that the people within these roles are an accurate demographic representation of the people the data effects.

Where do you see yourself going next?

I am hoping to achieve my goal of obtaining all the skills and abilities necessary to secure a full-time job after my apprenticeship. I am forever looking for avenues and specialities to progress into further, as you never know where the future may take you.

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