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What to switch on to help you switch off

My Top 5: Podcasts to Sink Into

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The benefit of a podcast instead of music? Distraction.

It’s incredibly difficult for your mind to wander when you’re listening to something you’ve never heard before, especially when the podcast delves into a subject you’re interested in.

Over the past month I have tried 40 different podcasts to find 5 that I would listen to if I needed to de-stress. I often listen when I’m commuting or in need a short break from work (as I find they can give me a fresh, positive perspective for the rest of the day).

If podcasts sound appealing but you don’t know where to start, try one of my Top 5 podcasts listed below.

  1. Stuff You Should Know by How Stuff Works

This is by far my favourite podcast.

Josh and Chuck discuss topics from Marijuana to The Sandman to desert survival to safety pins to pizza. The list is endless and they upload so frequently (every 1 - 3 days)!

I particularly love their unpredictable topics, their geeky vibe and the little nuggets of information they offer.

Added bonus: their voices are incredibly calming.

  1. How to fail with Elizabeth Day by Elizabeth Day

This is such a great idea for a podcast; I wish I had thought of it.

Elizabeth Day speaks with a variety of guests about how they’ve learned and grown from some big mistakes in their life.

It’s perfect for helping you to think logically and positively about a current challenge you may be facing.

  1. The Last Days Of August by Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson investigates the death of pornstar August Ames.

He illuminates the incredibly difficult world in which she worked and unravels the attitudes of an industry that people seldom talk about.  

I found this story very gripping and I was surprised by how keen I was to start the next episode.

  1. Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Potential by Infinite Potential Media, LLC

Deepak explores our lifestyle choices and conscience with a very diverse guest list.

He builds around the idea that we have full autonomy over ourselves and our future, making it a very empowering listen.

This podcast encourages me to be reflective and to think twice about opinions that are mine versus opinions I have learned and internalised from other people.

  1. Sigma Nutrition Radio by Danny Lennon

Danny Lennon focuses more on our physical health and how our choices and mentality influence this.

He invites guests to impart their wisdom, often covering more than one topic in each episode.

Danny tries not to be subjective, which allows you to decide how and when you apply your findings from the podcast.

Looking at this list, it’s obvious I’m a fan of personal development. I think there is no better de-stresser than creating a plan to shape who you want to be in both the present and the future.

My Top 5 may not be aligned to your interests, but I was surprised to find there are podcasts covering almost everything. They can get as niche as discussing theme parks and video game music so, as always, there is always something for everyone!

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