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My experience of Spill, the therapy app

Taking positive steps to improve my mental health with Spill

Digital Marketing Apprentice at Sky

When you search “therapy statistics”, the majority of results are focused on the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health problems alike. But what if you’re struggling and don’t identify with suffering with any of the above? I know I couldn’t justify speaking to a Therapist when I hadn’t been diagnosed with poor mental health, even when I felt like I needed to. I knew that I wasn’t at crisis point but I recognised that I needed support. 

More often than not, when you refer to support, people suggest talking to a friend or a family member and a lot of the time this may do the trick; a problem shared is a problem halved after all! But, what if you don’t want to burden those around you? I didn't want to make people I cared about worry, and that's one of the reasons I chose to seek professional support. 

My apprenticeship provider, WhiteHat, as part of their investment in apprentice wellbeing, recently invested in a digital resource called Spill – an app that offers message-based therapy to those dealing with everyday life. Currently, 78% of people that use Spill have never reached out for professional help before, including me.

As young people, we experience many challenges and changes in both our personal and work lives. Sometimes, these can become too much for us to handle when we don’t want to burden our family and friends, but we shouldn’t have to cope with them alone. This is where Spill comes in. Whether you need a place to vent about a colleague that’s annoyed you or you want to offload about an argument you had with your sibling, Spill is the place to go. I’ve found comfort in using the app just by being able to discuss anything that’s been bothering me in a non-judgemental space. I’ve been able to manage any issues or disruptions quickly just by sending a message to my counsellor, having a positive impact on my work and wellbeing. 

And it doesn’t all need to be problem-based conversation. Spill can be a great place to work on your self-development too. Their counsellors provide great insight and tips to help you improve a variety of different skills and when joining the app, you have the option to choose 'relationships tracks' which is a series of letters focusing on the relationships in your life with advice on how to improve them. These letters can be a great tool for self-reflection, and you can learn so much about yourself – I know I have!

Stepping into 2019, I didn’t have a lot of consideration for mental health and I certainly didn’t empathise with those that were suffering. I had a preconception that poor mental health was due to oversensitivity but like many things, you don’t know until you’ve experienced it. This year, I experienced some challenges with my mental health for the first time. I’m now aware of the problems that others endure, and I now realise and value the importance of looking after my mental health. Spill has helped me to look after mine.

The best part about Spill (other than the fact that you’re looking after your mental wellbeing) is that it’s free for WhiteHat apprentices! Signing up is really simple too, so whether you’re in the thick of it or looking from the outside in, I’d recommend everyone taking the time to give Spill a go. 

WhiteHat apprentices can find all the information on Appli.ed under ‘Free message-based therapy’ in the Community hub.

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